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The first lecture – Getty Images

I quite enjoyed our Thursday afternoon discussion on Getty Images.

I was quite taken aback by course leader Ian Beesley’s revelation that he earned between £5,000 and £11,000 a year from his stock photography with his photo agency until Getty bought them out. Since then, he confessed, he’s gotten virtually nowt.

He readily admits his type of pictures, his style, doesn’t fit in with Getty. What I don’t understand is that he’s not attempted to transfer to another agency more suited to selling his work.

I take the point that he can say to clients ‘I am a Getty photographer’ and trading on the name can give him influence in getting work

But If there’s one thing I’ve learned as freelancer it’s that you can’t be snobbish in the work you accept or turn down. It all counts and I’d rather have a chunky cheque drop through my letterbox every year instead of telling people I’m a Getty man.

I think one or two of the other students agreed with me. I’m sure we’ll ambush Ian on this in the future.


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