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Blurb winning after Lulu own goal

Got a very nice email from Jodie at Connected PR who represent the online book publisher Blurb. She said they migh be interested in promoting one of my future book projects, provisionally titled Shop!

I’ve seen some Blurb books and they are very good. So are Lulu’s, which I used for Flashes to Ashes. The only problem with Lulu is tha I ordered two sets of books and, though the print quality is great, both had major faults.

The first order had a 4mm white line across the top of every page where the pages had been sliced at the wrong place.

The second order had a 4mm white line across the bottom of every page where… well, you get the idea.

This problem has been common to several of my fellow student who have used Lulu. Sadly, the proces of complaining and getting it fixed is proving laborious for all of us.

I’d better dig out that email to Connected PR, I think I could be chnaging sides.

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This entry was posted on January 21, 2008 by in blurb lulu online book publishing problems connected pr.
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