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Inside Outsiders

I have started work on my next two books (mentioned briefly previously).

The first, with a working title Outsiders, will be a series of portraits and text interviews of people who are either outsiders or unusual, unique, excluded, lonely or different. Basically, anyone who stands out or is not understood by other sections of society. (broad brief, ideas welcome)

I have a long list of either specific names or types of people I would like to be included in the book.

First of all I will try to complete a few portraits of subjects here in Britain, then I’ll look to capture some of my other targets from around the world.

The book will be full colour and A4-ish portrait shape (it’s important to decide that now so I know which way I should hold the camera up) and I’m aiming for a blurbie/luluie book to be done inside 12 months.

The second book is provisionally titled Shop! The planning for this is not as far down the line (though it will be landscape) and it could take a lot longer to produce.

And, as someone who does not like airing their ideas and then failing to see them through, may I be the first to declare that this book may never see the light of day.

This project is reliant and permission to photograph in shops and is unlikely to see the light of day if I fail to get funding. As the saying goes, Men are from Mars, funders are from Uranus.


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