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Photographers are perverts

If someone tried to stop me taking photographs of my son, I’d tell them to knob off.

But such is the silly world that we live in, not only can this happen you can also be accused of being a pervert. For photographing children. Your own children.

Gary Crutchley, from Walsall, was taking photos of his kids, aged, seven and five, going down a slide when he was accosted by another parent and a member of the ride’s staff.

He said: “A woman said I could be taking pictures of any child to put on the internet and called me a pervert. It was sheer madness.”

Sheer madness? No argument from me there.

Fact: You can take a photograph of anyone in a public place whether they like it or not.

That doesn’t mean you need to go around upsetting people. If you want to take a photograph of someone it’s polite to ask.

He added: “We left. Two police officers confirmed that I had been perfectly within my rights to take photographs of my own children in the park.”

I’ve taken photographs of my own son in one of those huge indoor climbing frame centres. I’m conscious of other parents reactions but so far everyone has been respectful. Taking photos of your own kids is normal.

But if I took a photo which included one of their kids, would that make me a pervert? Of course not. If I took a photo of only their kids would that make me a pervert? No again. Just someone who is a bit rude for not asking.

But Gary Crutchley, standing next to his wife, was taking photos of his own children.

Crutchley added: “What is the world coming to? This parental paranoia is getting out of hand.”

If you didn’t know already, planet earth is packed with idiots.

So, this is the lesson we’ve learned today: Our children can carry knives, sniff glue, smash up bus stops and impregnate each other – but don’t you dare photograph them you pervert.

NOTE: No children were harmed in the taking of this photograph.

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