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Toony Blair, Sting, Jimmy Nail, Ant & Dec, your wallets will take one hell of a beating

Catastrophically catastrophic football club Newcastle United are trying to instigate an audaciously audacious fans’ takeover of the club. It’ll only cost them £300m, they reckon, to buy out their heavily hated super saviour, Mike Ashley.

The fans group reckon the Toon Army has 300,000 fans worldwide. That equates to £1,000 per fan. I reckon as they only have 52,327 for a home game – on a good day – that’s a tall order.

Even with the help of Ant & Dec, Jimmy Nail, Sid Waddell, Sting and ex-Prime Minister Toony Blair it’s still a taller order than persuading Kevin Keegan that Dennis Wise is a fun guy to take a taxi ride with.

Still, we all have dreams. The Toon Army do have a few fans. This photograph (above) was taken on the 20th April, 2008, in New York City’s Nevada Smiths bar (74 Third Avenue, between 11th & 12th). It’s the official home of Toon Army NYC. But can you see this lot forking out £1,000 each (that’s $2000, 1,300 Euros)? No chance. It’s Dubai or bust for the barmy Barcodes.

NOTE. Newcastle beat Sunderland 2-0 in the game during which this photograph was taken. I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to me dad for publishing a photograph of the people who give Geordies a bad name.

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