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Soundslides – a very, very quick guide

Quick guide on how to use the excellent Soundslides tool.
But first, a warning: If you add your own text slides, specifically at the beginning, DO NOT upload to YouTube as the file corrupts images on YouTube playback.

Warning two: Images do not transfer well on YouTube, they become very low quality. Alternative site I recommend is Vimeo.

Add photos. Add music. Dead easy. Add titles. Easy.
To convert your new slideshow to a file than can be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, do this:

Find the file publish_to_web which will be in the directory you’ve saved the new slideshow.
Right click on mouse button then select Send To… Zip file.
Once Zip file is created, go to this page on Soundslides.
Upload the file.
A link from where the new mpg4 file can be downloaded will them be emailed to you.  Download, save. Then uploads to YouTube, Vimeo or whatever you want.

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