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Mountain biking in La Plagne

I remember when I was a kid being mesmerised by photos of mountains while flicking through photo books and watching old movies.
The Alps in particular held a particular fascination, whether it was their serene snow beauty in winter or their green lushness in summer.

I dreamed of being in the Alps. I dreamed of living in the Alps. I still dream of living in the Alps. At the moment, I live in Preston.

It took me until the age 34 to set foot in the Alps properly when I was visited la Plagne in the winter during the 2008 Telemark World Cup. A year later I spent a week skiing in Argentiere, also in the French Alps.

And earlier this month (July 2010) I returned to la Plagne for a summer of view of the magical mountains and fantastic forests.

I was asked to write a travel feature on the resort, which included two superb days of mountain biking.

A mountain expert called Bruno Chavard – he skis and cycles – took me from the snow-covered peak of Col de l’arrete to the barmy valley floor at Plan d’eau de Macot.

I can’t tell you how good Montchavin, Les Coches, Belle Plagne, Plagne Bellecote and all the other villages that make up La Plagne are.

I stayed at the Hotel des deux Domaines run by Esprit. It was immaculate, it’s staff were fantastic.

This place is just like I remembered from when I was a kid.

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