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Comrades of the Great War Club and Old Bridge House

There is something thrillingly nostalgic about social clubs. Some are like walking into a snapshot of the 1970s, others pride themselves on their working-class splendour.

All are the antithesis of modern superpubs. With a president, secretary and committee, they all have the same aim: to keep the community they represent together. Many struggle, many fail.
But in British society where community has failed in so many areas, social clubs remain a venue where people who use them can exercise a feeling of inclusion and belonging.

I was very fortunate to be allowed to photograph inside Blackpool’s Comrades of the Great War Club.

Situated on Adelaide Street, it’s a private club for ex-servicemen, particularly sub-mariners.

There were some wonderful tales from the members. I was made to feel very welcome by Wally, all the staff and the members.

They drank, they played bingo and they listened to the club singer.
The place is brilliant. Long may it thrive.
And after that I gate-crashed a karaoke party at the Old Bridge House Cabaret Bar on Lytham Road. The place was rocking. For me, this is Blackpool.

All images taken on Saturday, August 21, 2010.

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