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Received photography

In the past week I have received several unexpected emails, accompanied by images. And in the interests of serious photographic discussion (Are you watching, BJP?), I include them below.

Found photography is quite a big thing these days. Books and exhibitions have been produced of these images that someone has, er, found. Simple as that. We don’t know the history of them, yet they are still appealing.

Looking at these found images appeals to our sense of discovery – who doesn’t dream of finding treasure? There is also the notion of looking back into history and an element of being nosey.

But these images dropping into my email inbox are something different. Part phishing-scam, part titillation, they are the bastard child of digital photography and the internet. Like Found photography, the history of these images are unknown. Is the lady in this image the same person actually writing the email? Highly unlikely – we will never know the real personality in these digital photographs.

I’ve Christened these images Received Photography. Hence forth, junk phishing mail with photo attachments of sexy women will be referred to in this way.

The brunette one. 
I obviously replied to Yulia straightaway, telling her how thrilled I was to hear from here. This is what she said:
I knew you would write to me. I had a strange feeling. =) 
I do not drink or smoke. I have never been married and I have no children. 
But I believe that I can find a serious and sincere man with whom I could build a serious relationship. I have a calm nature, I do not like to be nervous. Nerves are not restored.:) I hope that we can learn a lot of each other and our communication will be enjoyable for both of us. I hope the sincerity of your intentions towards me. 
I’m looking for a serious relationship, so I hope for reciprocity and understanding. I have many questions for you, because I want to know a lot of you. I’m curious to know a lot about your life, work and play. I would like to hear your voice. 
But last week, my phone was stolen. But you can leave me your phone number if you want. As soon as I have the opportunity, I’ll call you. ok? Tell me. What do you like in women?

Take note of the bit about no drink, smoking, not being married or having children. And don’t worry, I’ve not given Yulia my telephone number.

The blonde one. 
Masha sent me three photos and this is what she has to say for herself:
Somewhere inside my soul i think that i’m perfect, or almost perfect;-) 

I like to smile and make other people feel good with my shiny mood and exciting personality. I feel that it is better to smile at life rather than let the life smile at you. 

That is why I wake up every morning with a happy 
smile on my face and people watching me smile get a little ray of this sunshine with them. I want to charge that very special person in my life with some real warmth and light that is kept in my heart and is ready to be shared with the right man…

P.S: please write to me ONLY if you are prepared to a real friendship and are prepared to love (i.e., fully recovered from a previous relationship and are not attached to anyone). No time-wasters and players, please.

I live in Russia. I never travelled outside of Russia. Likely you heard about Russia. It is the biggest on the area the country and the richest on natural resources. Russia settles down from the East up to Europe and consequently the climate here is very various.

I do not smoke and I do not drink. I never tried any kind of drugs. I don’t have tattoos. I healthy in general. I have an own apartment and I live one. My father and my mum lives near me in an own apartment. Now I don’t have boyfriend and don’t have any serious relations. I never be married and I don’t have children.

Your friend Masha.

Masha also does not smoke, drink, has never been married and doesn’t have any children. Do you think Yulia and Masha are actually sat next to each other in an illegal Ukrainian warehouse?

And finally there is Becky.

Becky was a bit more direct than Yulia and Masha. See what you think:

The girl in the santa hat.

Hey There . . Whats up?

I was just surfing the net and i found your profile, I Loved your pics so i have included a pic of myself. Based on what the site told me you are only 34 Miles from me 🙂

Becky also emailed gazcoigne, gazcol, gazgum, gazgentles, gazcobb, gazcooper… you get the idea.

She also sent a link to a suspicious dating site with her email.

More Received Photography coming soon. Subscribe or join the Long Lens Blog mailing list for updates. Many thanks to Anna Byrom* for her advisory role in the writing of this blog.

NOTE: I apologise to my regular readers for the sexual nature of this blog post.

NOTE TWO: I welcome my many new readers to the more feminine, sexier, Long Lens Blog.

*Anna Byrom is, as far as I know, not Russian.


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