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Mozilla firefox browser jpeg image white-washed (too bright) problem

I solved a frustrating and long-running image problem today.

For a while now I’ve been stumped over why some of my jpeg images are severely over bright when viewed on this blog using some versions of the Mozilla Firefox browser, but look normal on other browsers such as Opera, Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

As Firefox is pretty much the best browser you can use – it’s repeatedly recommended to me by course tutors, computer experts and forum advisors – its reproduction of my images in such a washed-out state has deterred me from recommending this website viewing program.

Today, through some trial and error and some desperate settings adjusting, I got to the root of the problem.

And though I may not have totally eliminated this problem during my image workflow, this is one way the fault has occurred.

I work with RAW files, converting them to either TIFF or jpeg in Phase One Capture Pro. For web use, I often further process images in Adobe Photoshop, either as a batch or individually.

And it’s while altering the images individually that the problem has reared its ugly white-wash head.

In the save options screen (when an image is being resized or renamed) the images which are causing a problem have the colour > ICC Profile box ticked. This profile will be your own camera’s (i.e Nikon D3 or Canon 5d etc).

To get rid of the problem, simply untick this box. Problem solved.

This is a fairly long explanation to a simple problem. I apologise for that.


One comment on “Mozilla firefox browser jpeg image white-washed (too bright) problem

  1. Anna Byrom
    January 25, 2011

    at last you make an apology. There, it wasn’t that difficult now was it dear?

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