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Liverpool Look2011 International Photography Festival

Liverpool skyline from Everton Park
Look2011 is Liverpool’s International Photography Festival
While areas of Merseyside remain as rundown and neglected as their popular stereotypification, the city centre has undergone a remarkable transformation.

If you visited Liverpool a decade ago you probably would not recognise much of the city today. Part of its rejuvenation has come through the installation of a long-running cultural programme.

The highlight of this initiative was the European City of Culture year in 2008 – but that was just one strand of arts events that have taken place in the city.

And Look2011 is part of this aim to keep Liverpool at the forefront of the art and culture in Britain. Certainly in the northwest, think arts, think Liverpool. To that end the aim has succeeded, where Liverpool is streets ahead of traditional rivals Manchester.

As a member of Lightbox, a Redeye group of photographers formed in 2010, my work will form part of a group exhibition exploring the festival’s themes of A Call To Action and Is Seeing Believing?
Meeting monthly in a fairly luxurious pub, the group is headed by publisher world-renowned publisher Dewi Lewis and includes photographers whose past work include stolen shots of people sunbathing and images of found abandoned vehicles. It’s a diverse mix and one which we hope will produce an eye-catching end result.

For my own project I hope to follow some locals for a few days, documenting their lives from work and home to weekend partying – the lifestyles for which Scouse women are famous for.

First, of course, I need to find three or four women willing to be photographed as they enjoy themselves in the city of culture.

Look 2011 runs from May 13 to June 26, though many of the major exhibitions run for longer.
The Liver Building


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