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I’m very pleased to say that version one of is online.

It’s taken me a month but, Designed by Garry Cook (me) and using Adobe Dreamweaver, I can confirm that building your own website is every bit as frustrating as you might have imagined.

Dreamweaver is Adobe’s misnamed web design program. At times it is a nightmare.

I always knew it would happen. Design a page, find a problem, not be able to fix it. Try several remedies. Fail. Delete the page bit by bit. Hope the same error does not recur.

To be fair to Adobe, building a website is a complicated process and no program can make it pain free. Plus, some of the brick walls I hit were not of Adobe’s building.

Inserting flash slideshows (AutoViewer and Soundslides) is sadly not as easy as clicking on insert > flash. The processing involved in getting your images to a point where they are ready to be embedded into Dreamweaver and then actually doing the embedding correctly is horrendous.

I spent many, many hours attempting to overcome seemingly unfixable hurdles before finally finding a workflow that worked. Guides to inserting AutoViewer and Soundslides into Dreamweaver are coming soon.

There are mistakes in it, some links might not work. Let me know if you spot any errors.


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