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Best camera mobile phone for photographers

You’ve got a Blackberry. But you, over there, have an iPhone. And what’s that I see, someone with a Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot – oh, that’s me.

But just what is the best camera on a mobile phone?

For a few years now I’ve used the Sony Ericsson K810i because its Cyeber-shot camera is very good. It’s xenon flash is terrific for use indoors and at night. But the K810i is pretty hopeless when it comes to surfing the internet and is a no-go for apps.

As a photographer and journalist the benefit of being able to upload photographs and audio to my blog or apps, such as Audioboo (iPhone or Android only) is immeasurable. A mobile phone with a top-rated camera and a decent internet capability is a must.

But which is best?

In order to facilitate which phone I’m about to buy I’ve carried out my own forums reading and research to come up with two phones that get great reviews from some respected organisations.

And the leaders are the Nokia N8 and the huge Android-running HTC Desire HD.


On the HTC Desire Which? Says: This comes with a range of different camera modes, such as distortion and sepia, but probably of more use is the dual LED flash, which helps in low-light conditions. Picture quality is above average and photos look fantastic on the large, sharp display. However we did note that the camera has a very tight focus, so you have to stand some distance away to fit in wide shots.\



Tech radar says of the Nokia H8: Its massive image sensor (the biggest of any smartphone currently on the market), f/2.8 aperture and 5.9mm focal length produce photos that are almost film-worthy. Unfortunately, there’s no optical zoom, just a disappointing 2x digital option – but the good quality optics, Xenon flash and manual controls for everything from the white balance to ISO settings make it an excellent choice for the photography-conscious.

Websites visited include Which?, and




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