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Andrew Allington’s a lucky bloke: Vicar marries model 20 years younger

Flicking through the Daily Mirror I thought I recognised his face.

He was the vicar I interviewed for my Outsiders project examining ourselves and how we judge others.

Andrew Allington had come to my attention through a news report of him being attacked in his own home by a local youth in Stainforth, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Yesterday he was in the paper for the simple reason of getting married… To an ex-model called Hazel Trudgen twenty years younger than him. It’s the perfect tabloid story.

But behind the headlines is a vicar who has done some amazing things in what is a struggling mining community. He lets local kids come round his house for tea, he even launched a community cinema.

If all local vicars put invested a similar amount of energy and creativity into their community, Britain would be a distinctly more pleasant place to live.

This is a story about Andrew and Hazel in the Daily Mail.

Here is my direct-quotes interview.

And here is Andrew photographed in his home:



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