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Monthly Archives: October, 2011

Palm trees in the Czech Republic

Looking up at some palm trees in Luxor, Egypt. I took this photo in 2005.Sitting on the banks of the Nile, shielding under the trees from the hot midday sun. … Continue reading

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The Curious Action of the Vernacular Hand or can academia come to the aid of photo books?

SubversiveSuper imposed typographyVisual narrativeEquivoque Visual sharingAppropriating photographsDomestic landscapesVernacular architectureDetritusRe-purposingDeskillingContinuumLiterary photographEschewingVisual singulana OscillationSub-textEphemeralityProsaic in contentVisual lexiconPrinted page as an empty signifier These are some of my favourite words and phrases used … Continue reading

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An interview with Garry Cook

You interviewed four paedophiles in Holland – what drew you to that and how did you find it? Paedophilia is a very difficult subject and because of that it is … Continue reading

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Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me. Or Alcohol and Women at Control at Oxford Hosue Bethnal Green

The exhibition, part of Control by nine of us photographers, is wrapped up with the East London Photography Festival, otherwise known as Photomonth. You can see and read more about … Continue reading

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Preston Bus Station versus the Nazca lines, a short essay in history

One of my favourite historical sites, Preston Bus Station and Car Park, has been listed as one of the world’s most threatened cultural heritage sites.Which of these two sentences are … Continue reading

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euston train station

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queue to get in the British Library

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