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Blackpool’s Comedy Carpet

Created by artist Godron Young, Blackpool’s Comedy Carpet is the town’s latest public art project aimed at improving the promenade and changing people’s perception of the town.
It features jokes, catchphrases and one-liners from over 1,000 comedy legends, from W.C Fields to Vic Reeves, and including Peter Cook, Dame Edna and any comedian you ever forgot.
Young was helped by Blackpool’s comedy expert Barry Band, historian and writer Graham McCann, and on the typography and layout by graphic designer Andy Altmann of Why Not Associates. It was installed by Andrew Sawyer and Russ Coleman.
The carpet is a great effort from Blackpool Council (ReBlackpool), easily the best thing they’ve done since the giant mirrorball which was unveiled in 2002.
And finally for you technical lovers, hard facts about the carpet: Five years in the making. Each of the 160,000+ letters has been individually cut from 30mm solid granite or cobalt blue concrete. They’ve been arranged into over 300 slabs and then cast into white concrete panels.

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