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Outsiders live-art photography performance in Liverpool and Preston

westboro baptist church, megan phelps, topeka, kansas, god hates fags

Outsiders is an ethnographic written word and photography study of unique, unusual and misunderstood people. It examines how we judge others through appearance and ultimately asks us to examine our own judgements on people.

The project was started in 2008 and published in book form in 2012. This year (2015) I have been developing the project as live-art performance. That is, presenting it in a more theatrical way rather than me talking over a slideshow.

The early stages of this development will be shown twice in May (2015), firstly at Redeye’s Hothouse photography event (May 16), part the Liverpool International Photography Festival (Look15) and then at Live Wire, a live art and contemporary theatre event at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston (May 19).

The performance involves music, a video installation, 72 cards with words on them and a dozen photographs.

If you can come along, you will be made very welcome.

In Liverpool, I will show Outsiders at 1.15pm. The event is free at Bluecoat. They like you to pre-book a ticket (you can make a donation when booking).

For Live Wire (Element Events), I am due to do several performances at 53 Degrees between 3.10pm and 4.40pm. Tickets for this event are £3 but include evening performances at Media Factory (which look amazing). You can buy ticket here. I’m sure you will be able to pay in the door.

I have collaborated on this installation with two amazing artists.
Former Preston resident Dan Jeoffroy (and his band One English Pound supplied the track Role Model.  Burnley-based photographer Andy Ford filmed the video part of the project. I can’t thank both Dan and Andy enough for their continued support.

IMAGES: (TOP) The Phelps family, Westboro Baptist Church, enjoy a lunchtime Subway in Topeka, Kansas State, US.

(BOTTOM) Shadi, Palestinian teenager photographed in Beit Ummar, West Bank, Palestinian Territories.

palestine, beit ummar, west bank

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