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Preston Tringe festival 2015

These are some of the artists I photographged at Preston Tringe 2015.

Quite a few of them are appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Aug 2015).

garry cook tringe 009

It’s Only Words – Louise Reay @LouiseReayBeam

garry cook tringe 026

Inadequate Man – Paul Richards @paulrichards30

garry cook tringe 043

Breastfeeding Re-enactments – Claire Doyle @clairedoyleart

garry cook tringe 272

Lukin At You – Luke Helly @lukingood14

garry cook tringe 047_1

Tired and Emotional – Paul Savage @comedysavage

garry cook tringe 062_1

The Mentalist – Luke Murray @lukemurraymagic

garry cook tringe 076

Before and After – Jonathan Pelham @jonnypelham22

garry cook tringe 089

Northern Ar Souls @northernarsouls

garry cook tringe 393_1

M.A.I.R.O.U.L.A. – Aliki Chapple @amaened

garry cook tringe 344

Curiously Caffinated – Jo Coffey @jocoffey

garry cook tringe 155

How To Be a Superhero – James Bennison @jamesbennison


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