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Unknown Identities, Nexus Art Cafe, Manchester

These photos were taken at Unknown Identities, a contemporary art in Manchester (Oct 10, 2015) event featuring eight artists (listed below). Ignoring the fact that I was one of them, here are some photos of the performers and installations.

garry_cook_ nexus_003 garry_cook_ nexus_006 garry_cook_ nexus_008 garry_cook_ nexus_012 garry_cook_ nexus_021garry_cook_ nexus_023

garry_cook_ nexus_025

Ali Wilson – Shit happens. @aliwil267

Toby Doyle – Is this the modern man? @TobiasCDoyle

Denise Hough – This is me!

Jen Morgan – Breeze block pedestal. @jenmorgs

Philippe Savet – 19 minutes before ekstasis.

Kanfing Camara –

Garry Cook – Strangers. @gazcook

Lee Nutbean – Xenomemory & “Faux pas”

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