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Pub Karaoke Photography Exhibition

It’s not too late you’ll find
For you to change your mind
And prove you’re not part of the misogyny

(Lyrics for one of two karaoke photography songs)


What is a Pub Karaoke Photography Exhibition?

Written as a 10 minute scratch performance for Drunken Nights IV (run by the irony-heavy Drunken Chorus), my Pub Karaoke Photography Exhibition is brand new.

By that, I mean it’s not been done before, as far as I know, unless some Japanese student has done something similar during an inspirational night out Yokohama. But I doubt it.

This Pub Karaoke Photography Exhibition is my continuing attempt to bring photography to new audiences, using cross-platform art – in this case music and performance. An explanation of performance photography is here.

For Drunken Nights IV, which takes place in the Devonshire Cat pub in Sheffield on Wednesday, November 11, I will be badly singing two songs while presenting two photography projects. The two songs, 1970s dance classic I Feel Love by Donna Summer and The Human League’s 1980s anthem Don’t You Want Me, have been bastardised (I changed the lyrics) for what is a milestone moment in my career.

I can’t sing and I don’t like karaoke.

The working titles for the two projects to be performed are:

Drinking, Eating, Puking



I am also bloody delighted that brilliant artist Claire Doyle (@clairedoyleart) has agreed to work with me on this performance.


NOTE: Images shown here are not necessarily part of the performance project.

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