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The further development of Performance Photography (very, very short version of previous blog)

garry cook, korova, photographing fags freaks and fighting, photography, live-art perfromance, theatre, verbatim

Promotional poster for show performed in August 2015

It’s the love of photography, of taking photos and presenting projects, which drives most documentary photographers. Showing work to new audiences is not easy.

Performance Photography does exactly that.

Brief explanation: Audio, video, spoken work, poetry and elements of performance is used in a theatre space to show documentary photography projects.

I’ve created several performance photography pieces. They are:

  • Outsiders (video/music/choreographed live performance/75 A2 cards with words)
  • Photographing Fags, Freak and Fighting (video/music/spoke word/poetry/choreographed live performance/ultraviolet light/smoke machine)
  • Nothern World (video/audio/spoken word live performance)
  • Pub Karaoke Photography Exhibition (video/audio/singing/live performance/duet)

The next phase in this developing project: perform these pieces at photography festivals (opening nights/in theatres/in galleries).

I’m available for bookings now.

Long version of this blog post here.


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