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Derelict Springs live-art festival in Preston, Lancashire

In 2015 I was delighted to take photographs of the rather exciting Derelict Sites festival in Preston. These are some of the photographs.

This year, the festival (this year called Derelict Springs) takes place between April 7 and April 17 across Preston. You can see the website here. I’m lucky enough to have been commissioned to document the festival and produce an installation to be shown at it’s closing party.

The artists which the Derelict team have brought in are from around the world, and include Verity Standen’s HUG, Seance by Glen Neath and David Rosenberg, Zuppa Thatre’s Pop Up Love Party and Join Me With The Larks.

If you’re not wrapped up in the world of live-art and contemporary performance, these names won’t mean much to you. But what Preston is getting is world-class artists delivered to them quite literally on a plate (in the case of Pop Up Love Party).

Venues include a shop on Lune Street, The Harris Museum and Preston’s oldest and most ornate cafe Bruccianis.

If you live in the region and get the chance to attend one of the events, you should take it. Live-art performance is essentially about delivering memorable experience to the audience – and I’ve not met anyone yet who does not enjoy memorable experiences.

The festival is Arts Council funded and organsied by the University of Central Lancashire’s Contemporary Theatre Practice department. Follow @derelictlive on Twitter for updates.

Here are two photos from last year’s Derelict Sites festival:

search party, derelict live, preston, garry cookgreg wohead, hurtling, derelict live, preston, garry cook


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