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Worn – a lecture performance

I’m doing a kind of lecture performance on the murky world of selling worn clothing on eBay. It’s mostly verbatim text.The perfroamnce is at Media Factory, University of Central Lancashire, Preston on Tuesday, May 10 (2016).

Here are some of the (less controversial) quotes:

[buyer] Would you consider toe sucking please?
[seller] No.

[buyer] Would you let me massage your feet?  It would only be feet?
[seller] No.

[buyer] Would you be able to send me your toe nail clippings with the socks?
[seller] No

[buyer] Can you meet me in Tesco and I will ask you to take your shoes off in the aisle and you can walk about without shoes on and I will pay you to do it?
[seller] No.

These are three flyers for the performance:

worn flyer-3worn flyer-2worn flyer-4

worn flyer


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