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Derelict Spring: Documentary video

017 derelict hugI’ve made a pop music video. It’s actually documentary photography wrapped up in music and some video. The video I shot was of the artists involved in this year’s incredible Derelict Spring festival in Preston.

The video I made will be shown at a special conference held by the Derelict people, called Derelict Lunch. It’s about something which should concern every performer and artist: How to engage community audiences with your work.

This is what Derelict project assistant Charlotte Berry (@_CLBerry) wrote about the event:

“We are kicking off with a conversation about what determines Preston as an area of ‘low cultural engagement’ (formerly known as cold spot!). We are looking forward to  hearing contributions from you all about where you sit with this term – in all its implications. We will be hearing from a few people in particular about what they do and how they respond to this mantle, after which we will have some lunch (Lancashire style) and then continue the conversation with wider input from all. There will also be a few films to view from the Derelict artists,  Angel Club (north) and Garry Cook.”

The discussion part of the event is hosted by Maddy Costa (@maddydeliqette) who recently hosted ‘Theatre Club’ discussions in Preston as a part of FUEL theatre’s ‘New Theatre in your Neighbourhood’ project.

Maddy also writes blogs for the Guardian Newspaper and co-runs  Dialogue’  An initiative designed to  “open up conversations around theatre, as a way of talking about how we live and make a society together.”




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