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Monthly Archives: October, 2016

16000:3 by Natalie Ramus (from Emergency, Word of Warning)

Natalie Ramus is one of those artists you see and go: Wow, I never knew anything could be done like that. I saw Natalie do a three-hour installation piece called … Continue reading

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Ticking Boxes an art installation at Preston’s Harris Museum by Martin Hamblen

A man whose work often revolves around words, Matin Hamblen is something of an enigma in northern England. A working artist who produces thought-provoking installations wrapped up in playful presentation, … Continue reading

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The self-doubt of artists

(unedited version) Do you suffer from the debilitating and terminal disease called self-doubt? Yep, me too. It is an aggressive cancer which constantly attempts to redefine who I am as … Continue reading

October 21, 2016 · 1 Comment

Performance art and performance arts festivals (why YOU should not be afraid of them)

(This version has not been edited yet) If you’re not into the arts, not involved in the world of performance in some way, if you live a normal life, then … Continue reading

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Bonnie Craig’s When is a star a star?

Pattern artist Bonnie Craig created a beautiful piece of work called When is a star a star? where she (and I’m paraphrasing the entire complicated project here, so forgive me) … Continue reading

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Derelict Spring 2016 video

Derelict Spring was an amazing performance arts festival held in Preston, Lancashire (UK) in April 2016. I was asked to document the festival. This is the video I made.   … Continue reading

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