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Worn – photographs from Huddersfield performance

(All photographs by John Lynch)

This is me perfoming Worn, my photography lecture performance on the fetish world of buying used tights on eBay. This performance took place in Byram Arcade, Huddersfield, Yorkshire (Feb 25, 2017).

There’s a small example of the content of Worn in this preview.

And here is the promotional blurb that makes you want to be in the audience:

Revealed! The hidden world of selling intimate used clothing on eBay. 

Unbelievable! Worn is a lecture performance using video, photographic images and verbatim text detailing conversations between eBay sellers of worn clothing – usually tights, sometimes sweaty socks – and the people who buy them.

Photography! Primarily focused on images used to sell worn clothes on eBay, this performance is a fascinating insight into a secretive trade not strictly permitted under eBay selling policy – yet exists and thrives with high repeat-purchase fetish customer base.

Warning! You may find yourself turned on during this performance.

[N.B. This performance contains Adult Content]

Garry Cook is a photographer whose work has documented leisure and social issues (like drinking and smoking) and war (like the conflict between Israel and Palestine).

He has photographed racists, paedophiles, political nuts, religious fanatics and Jim Bowen. Cook has published several books (6×9, Marlboro Nights, Outsiders, Palestiniana, Stay At Home Dads Are Not Welcome Here). He has attempted to bring photography to new audiences using performance, exhibiting images in a live theatre space (Outsiders, Photographing Fags, Freaks & Fighting, Northern World, Pub Karaoke Photography Exhibition).



One comment on “Worn – photographs from Huddersfield performance

  1. Tarquin Scott
    March 8, 2017

    Garry; As these photos indicate and from the shows I’ve seen you do, please promise me you’ll never start another show with the words, “I’m not a performer”. You are. You do it your own unique way. Don’t apologise. Believe. You have confidence in the quality of your work. So do your audiences. You are a really good presenter. You are Garry Cook. Tark.

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