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Imponderable Sound Three

Imponderable Sound

Imponderable Sound is one of those fantastically impossible-to-describe pieces of art that comes along very rarely.

I’ve been documenting the installation and accompanying improvised music sessions (called Bass Ensemble).

Imponderable Sound – or Imponderable Sound Three: Reflection to give it its proper title – is a sound installation by University of Central Lancashire senior lecturer in music and audio arts Justine Flynn.

Without trying to do the piece an injustice by attempting to describe it simply, it’s an exploration of bass sound (Using infrasonic frequencies within sonic art installations). It’s a beguiling mix. You experience it in a huge, dark room. The sound itself comes through large aircon-style tubes. The darkness is punctuated by delicate ultra-violet lights which highlight UV paint on the metallic structure.

Aesthetically, the installation is dramatic enough. The hugely heavy bass sound verges on the uncomfortable to listen to – but when some of the invited audience begin to improvise with their musical instruments and vocal chords, the resulting ambience is unexpected, unreal and mesmerising.

More information about Justine Flynn and her work can be seen here.

Here are some images of the installation.

The improvised music session continue for several weeks, culminating in a performance night on May 16, 2017 at 53 Degrees, next to the Student’s Union at UCLan, Preston.

_DSC0032 1_DSC0043_DSC0060_DSC0085_DSC0073_DSC0079_DSC0061

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