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REVIEW: The Chit Chat Chalk Show

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The Chit Chat Chalk Show

You know you’re about to experience something different when the audience sits on the floor, with the theatre’s seats left empty.

The Chit Chat Chalk Show is everything kids love – performance, jumping around, drawing (with chalk, obvs) and sitting on big colourful cushions.

Most parents wince at the thought of their kids having to sit still for an hour in a theatre. But here they don’t have to. Chit Chat Chalk involves its young audience right from the off, meaning boredom breaks are not even on the menu. I didn’t see one child leave for a toilet break.

They were too engrossed in the energetic dance display of the five performers who bring to life the story of Kiko, the confused young girl who comes to realise that the contrasting mixture of emotions she feels as she engages with the world around her do not make her an outsider – they make her a complete person.

It’s a moral message delivered in a way that even the most cynical whingy kids will take on board. I’m sure most adults will readily accept the emotional refresher course too. It’s like joyous therapy.

This fast-moving interactive show uses music, intricate stage lighting, a clever changing set and, most impressive of all, a beautifully choreographed piece of physical theatre which brings poignancy and pace – not to mention a huge dollop of laughter – to a mesmerising 60-minute performance.

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In York, The Chit Chat Chalk Show were:
Alice Shepperson
Josh Hawkins
Zoe Bradley
Natalie Morrell
Simon McElligott

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NOTE: I saw The Chit Chat Chalk Show at York Theatre Royal (October 2017) after being asked to photograph them. The show, which included a post-show workshop, was part of the youth Take Over York festival in the city. The Chit Chat Chalk Show, a collaboration between Hawk Dance Theatre and The Knotted Theatre, is a performance aimed at three to eight-year-olds, which will tour across Britain in 2018.

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