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PHOTOGRAPHS: Light Up Lancaster (November 2017)

Light Up Lancaster was over two nights (Fri, Nov 3 and Sat, Nov 4, 2017).

I’ve been to the last three festivals. This one in 2017 was a return to form after a low-key affair 12 months ago (possibly due to funding problems, though I’m specualting about that).

Like 2015, the city of Lancaster last weekend was buzzing with artitsic interventions and feel-good street theatre around every corner. This is exactly the kind of arts engagement every council and festival director should be striving for – thousands of people captivated by music, dance and performance.

You can see the joy on the performers faces as they exceietdly bring alive their roles for  eager audiences.

These kinds of festivals directly link the arts to large groups of people in a way in which traditionally staged (indoor) theatre sometimes fails.

I look at festivals like Brief Encounter (Preston) LightPool (Blackpool) and Light Up Lancaster as being like a Chirstmas Market but without the hideously overpriced stalls selling you things you don’t need. They’re brilliant. So, thank the lord above for Lancaster City Council, Lancaster Arts Partnership (LAP), Arts Council England, Lancaster Business Improvement District (BID), the University of Cumbria, STORM, Better With Jam, the Duchy of Lancaster and Lancaster’s arts organisations – all of whom contribute to the festival.

Light Up Lancaster was originally built up around the city’s fireworks festival but, in my opinion, it has supercded the fireworks (this year on the Saturday)as the reason to visit the city on a cold Novemeber evening.


This is what I saw (and photographed):
[NOTE: They’ve taken down the list of performers on the Light Up Lancaster website so I can’t tell you exactly who these photographs are of, though they do include AbouTime Dance Company, More Music and Ludus Dance]

lancaster light 0940

lancaster light 0896

lancaster light 0433

lancaster light 0053lancaster light 0098lancaster light 0146lancaster light 0323lancaster light 0458lancaster light 0507lancaster light 0620lancaster light 0652lancaster light 0660lancaster light 0693blancaster light 0761lancaster light 0832

lancaster light 0941lancaster light 0877

lancaster light 1068lancaster light 1104lancaster light 1115lancaster light 1138lancaster light 1172

lancaster light 0948

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