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EXHIBITION: Preston’s Courtauld’s Connection

The sarcastic bit:

After months of being asked I finally agreed boost the career of an up and coming artist (French landscape painter Eugene Boudin, 1824-1898, who once sold a painting through Christie’s for £1,237,875) by allowing his work to hang alongside my own photography.

You can see four of my images – and just one of Boudin’s paintings – at the Harris Museum in Preston now, as part of the new Courtauld’s exhibition. The images I took were specially commissioned for the project.

The factual bit:

Courtauld’s had a massive factory on the site of what is now Red Scar Business Park, just across the M6 from Preston.

Thought the Courtauld’s business has long since ended, with a series of nationwide factory closures and takeovers, its name survives through The Courtauld Gallery at Somerset House in London.

The Gallery, founded by textiles business owner Samuel Courtauld, is renowned for its iconic Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masterpieces, as well as numerous other important paintings and works of art from the Renaissance through to the 20th century.

To celebrate Courtauld’s connection with Preston, the gallery offered to loan out one of its paintings to the Harris Museum.

Current workers at Red Scar site, which still uses part of the old Courtauld’s building, voted on which piece of work would be loaned.

They ignored a Monet and went for Eugene Boudin’s Deauville (1893).

I was asked by the Harris to try to connect the Courtauld-owned panting to the Red Scar site through photography. After a period of research, ideas and compromise (mostly due to weather conditions), the result is a series of images of two vintage Courtauld’s dresses photographed on mannequins around Red Scar Business Park.

Read more about the exhibition here.

The exhibition is open until May 20, 2018.

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