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Blackburn Open Walls street art

Tourism and Blackburn is a combination about as comfortable as a honeymoon in Mogadishu.

But if you’re looking for a free day out, especially somewhere to take your kids in the summer holidays, then Blackburn could be the highlight of your six-week break. That’s because of something called Blackburn Open Walls.

And this is what it is: Blackburn Open Walls is an art project street artists (similar to graffiti artists) have painted art on walls all over the town of Blackburn.

This was done between July 17th and 22nd – but the art remains past these dates for anyone to see.

There are leaflets with maps showing the locations of all this year’s art (plus the work from previous years) or you can download a map from the website (Blackburn Open Walls).

The art itself is fabulous. It’s wonderful to see a town like Blackburn transforming itself with wild and wonderful artworks (and little men to try and spot).

Street art is such an accessible form of art for people to enjoy. Why every town and city in Britain is not programming similar works is a mystery to me. I’ve been wanted to do similar work with photography for some time. If any council wants to work with me on this idea, come this way.

BOW also has an exhibition space where artists have smaller pieces on display. It’s on at the BOW Artery (which I think is on Lord Street West – I couldn’t find it mentioned on their website). Hayley Welsh, originally from Blackburn, is the woman behind the project.

So a big thumbs up to her. Alexander Gallagher is the exhibition curator. And there are loads of amazing artists who have taken part in the project.

Try some sightseeing in Blackburn – you’ll have one of those days you’ll never forget.

My six-year-old daughter decided she was going to write a list of everything she saw (pictured). She loved it.#photography #streetart #blackburn #blackburnopenwalls @blackburnopenwalls @blackburndarwen

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