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The Fire Within, Wigan – exhibition opening

The Fire Within, The Galleries, Wigan (Sat May 11, 2019).

The upper floor of The Galleries shopping centre in Wigan town centre hosted Wigan Council’s launch of #TheFireWithin – a new manifesto outlining the borough’s focus on arts and culture over the next five years.

The strategy was turned into a visual piece of art with the help of internationally renowned artists and Standish residents, Al Holmes and Al Taylor (Twitter: @AL00100110AL), and was coined #TheFireWithin.

fire_within_garry_cook_0036 1fire_within_garry_cook_0039fire_within_garry_cook_0072fire_within_garry_cook_0048lf_firewithin_garry_cook_0010fire_within_garry_cook_0547fire_within_garry_cook_0799fire_within_garry_cook_0083fire_within_garry_cook_0272fire_within_garry_cook_0506fire_within_garry_cook_0356fire_within_garry_cook_0277fire_within_garry_cook_0375fire_within_garry_cook_0394fire_within_garry_cook_0673fire_within_garry_cook_0076fire_within_garry_cook_0578 1fire_within_garry_cook_0682fire_within_garry_cook_0597lf_firewithin_garry_cook_0041fire_within_garry_cook_0781fire_within_garry_cook_0600fire_within_garry_cook_0814lf_firewithin_garry_cook_0163

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