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EXHIBITION: Preston’s Courtauld’s Connection

The sarcastic bit: After months of being asked I finally agreed boost the career of an up and coming artist (French landscape painter Eugene Boudin, 1824-1898, who once sold a … Continue reading

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TOUR PREVIEW: The Chit Chat Chalk Show

I photographed Hawkins Dance/Knotted Project‘s Chit Chat Chalk Show again, this time at Z-Arts in Manchester (Jan 27, 2018). The show was the first date of their 2018 tour (you … Continue reading

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Best mobile cameraphones // camera mobile phones // phone cameras (for 2018)

I’ve written about the best camera mobile phones previously in 2011 and 2013 when this blog was on blogger. Buying a good phone is an expensive business, getting a great … Continue reading

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The nonsensical and unnecessary school photography ban

Here’s a photo of my daughter’s school nativity play. Those of you with an eye for detail may notice that there are no children in the photograph. That’s because her … Continue reading

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Bradford Impressions Gallery and Science + Media Museum (Winter 2017)

At some point in the last few years Bradford’s Impressions Gallery was forced to undergo a big change. In 2013 there were rumours – in part spread by a Telegraph … Continue reading

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PERFORMANCE: Outsiders/Pub Karaoke Photography Exhibition

In 2015 I did two performance photography pieces at the University of Central Lancashire’s Fieldwork Photography Forum. In a tale of lost photography and ignored emails, which I won’t bore … Continue reading

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Fieldworld Photography Symposium, part of the The Great Northern Creative Festvial

Field Photography Conference: The Documentary Impulse If there’s a photography conference taking place, you check to see who is speaking. If it’s Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, you go to it. The Field Photography … Continue reading

November 16, 2017 · Leave a comment