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Best camera phones 2018

It’s summer holiday time. You want to take photos of everywhere you go. You don’t want to carry a huge camera around with you. So, you buy a new smart … Continue reading

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Courtaulds exhibition at Preston’s Harris Musuem

Images of the Courtaulds exhibition now on at the Harris Museum in Preston. The exhibition is about the history of the Courtaulds factory at Red Scar, near Preston. The centre-piece … Continue reading

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REVIEW: The Audit by Proto-type Theatre (at The Lowry, Salford)

The prospect of going to see a performance about the Icelandic banks and the global economy crisis is not an easy sell. A huge, utterly complex and dry subject, you … Continue reading

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EXHIBITION: Preston’s Courtauld’s Connection

The sarcastic bit: After months of being asked I finally agreed boost the career of an up and coming artist (French landscape painter Eugene Boudin, 1824-1898, who once sold a … Continue reading

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TOUR PREVIEW: The Chit Chat Chalk Show

I photographed Hawkins Dance/Knotted Project‘s Chit Chat Chalk Show again, this time at Z-Arts in Manchester (Jan 27, 2018). The show was the first date of their 2018 tour (you … Continue reading

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Best mobile cameraphones // camera mobile phones // phone cameras (for 2018)

I’ve written about the best camera mobile phones previously in 2011 and 2013 when this blog was on blogger. Buying a good phone is an expensive business, getting a great … Continue reading

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The nonsensical and unnecessary school photography ban

Here’s a photo of my daughter’s school nativity play. Those of you with an eye for detail may notice that there are no children in the photograph. That’s because her … Continue reading

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Bradford Impressions Gallery and Science + Media Museum (Winter 2017)

At some point in the last few years Bradford’s Impressions Gallery was forced to undergo a big change. In 2013 there were rumours – in part spread by a Telegraph … Continue reading

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PERFORMANCE: Outsiders/Pub Karaoke Photography Exhibition

In 2015 I did two performance photography pieces at the University of Central Lancashire’s Fieldwork Photography Forum. In a tale of lost photography and ignored emails, which I won’t bore … Continue reading

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Fieldworld Photography Symposium, part of the The Great Northern Creative Festvial

Field Photography Conference: The Documentary Impulse If there’s a photography conference taking place, you check to see who is speaking. If it’s Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, you go to it. The Field Photography … Continue reading

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