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Bradford Impressions Gallery and Science + Media Museum (Winter 2017)

At some point in the last few years Bradford’s Impressions Gallery was forced to undergo a big change. In 2013 there were rumours – in part spread by a Telegraph … Continue reading

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PERFORMANCE: Outsiders/Pub Karaoke Photography Exhibition

In 2015 I did two performance photography pieces at the University of Central Lancashire’s Fieldwork Photography Forum. In a tale of lost photography and ignored emails, which I won’t bore … Continue reading

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Fieldworld Photography Symposium, part of the The Great Northern Creative Festvial

Field Photography Conference: The Documentary Impulse If there’s a photography conference taking place, you check to see who is speaking. If it’s Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, you go to it. The Field Photography … Continue reading

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Why you need to go to an event.

[Unedited first version] Why you need to go to an event. Why everyone needs to attend events. I’m writing this from the perspective of a parent and a fan of … Continue reading

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PHOTOGRAPHS: Light Up Lancaster (November 2017)

Light Up Lancaster was over two nights (Fri, Nov 3 and Sat, Nov 4, 2017). I’ve been to the last three festivals. This one in 2017 was a return to … Continue reading

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REVIEW: The Chit Chat Chalk Show

The Chit Chat Chalk Show You know you’re about to experience something different when the audience sits on the floor, with the theatre’s seats left empty. The Chit Chat Chalk … Continue reading

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Bernard Sumner versus Danger Mouse (The story of Joy Division, New Order and a David Jason-voiced cartoon character, part of the Cosgrove Hall Films exhibition at Waterside Arts Centre in Sale, Manchester)

Cosgrove Hall Films exhibition is on at Waterside Arts Centre, Sale, until Feb 17, 2018. It’s difficult to know who has had a bigger influence on popular culture – Bernard … Continue reading

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